Mount Olympus

Mt Olympus

Mount Olympus exploded through the crust of the earth when Mike Guggino arrived in New York City, fresh faced from Philadelphia, and met Carter Logan of Bad Rabbit. Mike’s band, Barking Spiders, was breaking up and he wanted to start something heavy and new. Their immediate demands? Create a face melting, rippingly awesome guitar rock band with it’s own special brand of sassafrass sauce. After uniting with the long golden-locked Dickie Spectacular, all they lacked was a badass, hard thumping, smooth and handsome bass player. The gods answered their prayers in the form of Sharif Hassan of The Yakima Nation. Fully straight frocked from recording their debut record they hope to conquer the known universe with their brand of nasty epic punk stoner boogie metal. Iron maiden, Thin Lizzy, Rocket From The Crypt and Led Zeppelin are some of the comparisons being thrown about, but only by blessing your ears with the hulking sexy crushing sound of Mount Olympus will you truly be able to pass justifiable justice on them.

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